#1 – Videos

You can search for results, test yourself or ask anybody. However, the response will be the same. Anyone using videos is likely to get 20 to 60 percent MORE clicks than by using a static image. It is important to know what kind of video you use too. Facebook and Instagram have guidelines for sizes and shapes and depending where you want to display it you will have to do the necessary adjustments. Also, make sure to add effects, text and anything to grab your audience’s attention every few seconds. Remember, it is an ad and you are paying so people watch it, so it makes sense to keep them watching until the end.

#2 – Be relevant

So you decided to do a video… now you need to make sure what you will be creating! If you are promoting a restaurant, do not just film the room or the entrance. Film a waiter serving a nice-looking meal and make sure it looks delicious, or something that can make people want what you offer. Creativity will make your ads work better. You need to be eye-catching and clear. It does not matter the niche, always think about what your potential customers would like to see. Even if you are using an image, you should always go for something that looks appealing to them.

#3 – Retarget

Facebook charges per 1000 people that have seen your ad and their prices vary big time. If you choose a very specific audience the price will likely be somewhat “expensive”, but you did things well and got you good results, it is usually worthed showing those people an ad that will make them finally go for it. You will get a better conversion percentage off that audience. In addition, Facebook charges much less for retargeting, so you will get more results with an even smaller investment.

If you would like to get something like this, and more so that your business gets to new levels send us a message or call us and we will be happy to discuss in what ways we can get you to your desired results.


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